Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunshine and Changing Leaves

In between bursts of rain yesterday...I noticed that our trees have officially started transitioning from green leaves to beautiful warm shades of scarlet, gold and rich orange. I love our trees year round, but there's something spectacular about them this time of year.

High up in the branches of my favorite tree.

Fall is often a brief visitor in the South. We generally only have a few short weeks of crisp perfect weather before it starts to feel like Winter outside. Today is absolute perfection! {at least where we are} Sunny, brisk, beautiful and full of color! So get out there and enjoy it! Take a walk, play in your garden or simply take a chair out on the porch and a enjoy a glass of tea.

As for me...I'm about to tackle some serious yard work with my husband and soak up all of the beauty that this day has to offer!

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