Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Pink Nightmare!

Today...I'm giving you a peek into one of our upstairs bedrooms...with the disclaimer that I did not put this on the wall {it was there when we moved in} and that when we get to this room in the renovation's going down in a bad way!

Yes...I know. It's a baby pink wall with a creepy, deranged looking poodle that almost looks like it's angry enough to hop off the wall and get you...{YIKES}...look closely...notice how it's even painted over the light socket. {now that's fancy!} 

So...why am I sharing this with you? Admit's weird and awesome in a strange kind of way! And even though I plan to get rid of still makes me laugh every time I go in there. What were they thinking?

With this, I hope that our unique mural makes you smile...and rethink any murals that you have planned in the near future. {just think about all of the sanding and priming that will need to happen when you want to change it...and come up with plan B!} Happy Friday!

See you tomorrow!

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