Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello & Welcome to {change of venue}!

I've started to notice a gray cloud cast over several people lately. No one specific! Just a general observation of a random sampling of individuals that I've come in contact with. No, it's not a case of serious depression or anything...I think. It's just that the shiny, happy, crazy, fun, sugar-coated <<insert awesome adjective here>> is lost or in some cases missing in action from some people's lives. Somehow things have gotten too serious and the candid awesomeness has found it's way into seclusion. I intend to change day at a time.

I'm an artist. A dreamer. A get-your-hands dirty, crafty kind of girl. I love to bake, paint, sew, tile floors and of course work with power tools. Who doesn't? I have a strict rule that I live by when it comes to trying new things...always take the plunge and try it at least once! Unless you go for it, you'll live in the dark and never learn to appreciate new things. With this philosophy, I have learned that walking on stilts is hard...but a whole lot of fun, baking treats is good for the soul, welding is scary at first...and then a serious rush and that I just might be the worst surfer on the planet. But, I still intend to try it again...who knows...maybe next time I'll be awesome! Always keep an open mind, and know that no one's perfect. I have tried lots of things out and have been successful to a certain degree, but not always. Even if you fail at something, at least you can say you went for it.

So...where am I going with this? Good question!

My plan of action is this: Everyday I will be posting something fun, happy, crazy, inspirational or just something intended to make you smile. You may not get a kick out of everything...but, maybe you never know. My hope is to bring a moment of candid awesomeness to you each day to brighten a few seconds of your time. With that, welcome to my happy place...and stay tuned!

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