Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey there strangers! I's been a month! {and I have been one busy need of a little down time...}

I decided after the Cheese Ball Snowman {and DIY December} to take a little break from the excitement of the blogging realm. {work + school + DIY projects + life in general = girl needs a cupcake + a nap} So...I decided to take a month off {from blogging}...and in that short span of time...lots of awesome stuff has gone down!

I graduated from my year long certification venture...Interior Decorating
...YAY!!! {diploma is itching to be framed and my certification package should arrive any day now!}

Also...I've been dreaming of opening an Etsy shop...and am in the process of making it happen! {fun, crafty and creative little projects are filling my spare moments!}

I finally got the promotion that I've been working toward at work.
{hello Senior Production Art Designer!}

Other than that, renovations are moving along again at our house and so far...2011 has been kind of awesome across the board!
{no complaints over here anyway!}

With that...there will be a few tweaks to {change of venue} starting today!

Can this still be my happy place? Yes...this is a happy place. It will continue to be. Forever. {or as long as I'm running the show}

Will I have something to look forward to everyday? I hope so...but you may have to find your own happy place every now and this lady may be out of touch from time to time.

Will there be recipes and DIY projects? Absolutely...maybe not everyday...but from time to know me too'll be happening a lot!

What about "WIWW" {what i wore wednesdays}?'s on! I've recently defaulted back to t-shirts, jeans and sneakers again and feel the need to amp it up a bit! 

So...what's changing then? To be honest...not much. Just the "everyday" aspect. Who might be everyday. It might be every other might be a couple times a week. We shall see...that keeps things exciting...right?

So...stay tuned! Welcome back! I hope that 2011 is treating you well and that you're having a great day!

To close...I'd like to leave you with a thought:

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

Happy Friday!!