Friday, November 12, 2010

I Heart Mustaches!

That's right. Mustaches make me happy! I'm not 100% on why exactly I love them…but they just make me smile. If you stop to enjoy them, I'm pretty sure that you'll love them too!

For those of you know me pretty well or see me on a daily basis, you know that I'm a serious mustache enthusiast and am also a proud "Mo Sista" aka a lady member of team MODEN. A group of people at my place of business who are supporting the cause one mustache at a time! Movember is shining a much needed spotlight on men's cancer awareness during the month of November…and with this, several people from around the world are stopping for a moment to celebrate the mustache. Whether you are a manly man and are growing your own as we speak, a manly man who has chosen to sport a clean face, but appreciates a fabulous 'stache on your fellow man, or a lovely lady who digs the shapely whiskers and can't help but stare sometimes when they curl up just right on the's easy to join in on all of the fun!

My favorite newsletter thus far from Movember came via email yesterday and included something that is pretty awesome and on it's own level of uniqueness! I present to you…The Moustardche t-shirt!

I know what you're thinking…Mustache + Hot dog with Shades = Epic! If you're as excited about this as am, you can order your own and rock it out whenever you want to show some love for the fine mustaches in your community! short, for today…take in the simple pleasures in life and if you see a mustache, enjoy it!  With that, I'm leaving you with a few of my favorite mustaches…

The Kenny Powers

The Mutton

The Bronson

The Dali
The Fiesta Handlebar a la Mannering

Have a Happy Friday!

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