Monday, November 29, 2010

Ode to The Mullet

Mullets always make me happy. {come in the in the back...genius!}

It's true that not a lot of people easily admit that they love this haircut...but...I'm about 99.99% sure that they'll make you happy too. {or at least make you smile for a minute}

So...I've put together my top ten favorite mullets of all time {if I missed one of your favorites...let me know...}

Drum roll...random order...{it's kind of difficult to rate awesomeness!}

The A.C. Slater

The Billy Ray

The Joe Dirt

The Uncle Jesse

The Gibson

The Macgyver

The Swayze

The Kenny Powers

The Lady Brady

The Chuck Norris

What can I say...there's just something magical about this haircut. So...if you see a mullet...take a minute and enjoy it! And know that the people that are rockin' {or did rock at one time} this cut have some serious style and aren't afraid who knows it!

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