Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WIWW + DIY Button & Ribbon Headband!

Today is the first day of DIYD {do it yourself december}...YAY!

Every day in December I'll be bringing you a little DIY stay tuned and have some fun!

Since today is also Wednesday {and I'm on the WIWW...what i wore wednesday...kick}, I'll be showing you how to make something that you can wear.

Enter Button & Ribbon Headband!

What you'll need:
a couple of fun buttons {I used extra ones from sweaters and coats}
a long thin length of ribbon
{keep it around 1/4" or less and make sure that the ribbon is long enough to wrap around your head...and then some}
a sewing needle

To start...gather your materials...

Pull the ribbon through the button holes in your desired design.
{I decided to layer them} If the holes are a little small, force the ribbon through the holes using a sewing needle.

After you are happy with your design, tighten the ribbon and tie a knot on the under side of the button. Keep adding buttons until you're happy with the way things look.

I tend to group things in odd numbers, so I stopped at three.
{use your imagination and add as many as you want to!
the possibilities are endless!}

After you have finished adding buttons, wrap the ribbon around your head and measure off where to cut. {leave about 3" of extra ribbon so you'll be able to tie the headband securely when you're wearing it}

It might look a little long when it's laying flat, but it'll fit perfect when it's tied and on your head.

You're done! {score} And it only took about 5 minutes!
Wasn't that easy?

Now...onto the WIWW. To accessorize the fun headband that I made last night, I decided to go pretty casual today...yes...t-shirt and jeans! {oh yeah} But...I did do my best to add a little sparkle.

Here we go!

attempting to fit the whole outfit in picture...well....almost

shirt + sweater detail...because i love the texture of these two!

my favorite little red shoes.

outfit overview
white lace inset shirt {alloy}
light gray cardigan {vintage}
black skinny jeans {alloy}
red herringbone pumps {ross for less}
jewelry {little diamond studs - from my grandma
bracelet - my favorite charm bracelet from my sister-in-law}
headband {a little homemade diy...made from things in my craft pile}

Well...that just about does it for today.

So...if you dig headbands, and want to make one in a few minutes that is fun, unique and personal...give it a try! {and rock it proudly knowing that you made it with your own two hands!}

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