Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY: Party Mustaches

Are you feeling distinguished and don't know how to make other people see it? Are you wanting to mix it up without a huge commitment? Do you want to go a little incognito for the evening?
I've got the solution...the DIY Party Mustache.

Today was our little Movember celebration at my place of business to honor the guys at work who grew mustaches and the mo sistas that lent their support to the cause during the month of November. It was a lot of fun! I made mustaches for all of the girls that signed up to be mo sistas {and for the boys who couldn't quite hang and ended up shaving early!} They seemed to be a hit and you couldn't help but laugh looking around. {yes...we all looked a little a good way}

{exhibit a...yep...that's me...totally incognito}

So...if you're interested in sporting these at your next party, follow the directions below and make your very own! {it only takes a few minutes and people really seem to enjoy them}

What you'll need:
1 package adhesive back felt {any color that makes you happy}
mustache drawing skills or a template

First, turn felt upside down where the pull away paper for the adhesive back is right side up. Draw a mustache shape or trace your mustache template onto the paper with a pencil. Cut out your mustache design with scissors. Pull away paper and place mustache just below your nose. You're done! {and you look awesome!} How easy was that?

Here's a template just in case you need it:

Have fun! {and long live the stache!}

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