Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY: Cheese Ball Snowman

Every year my family gathers on Christmas Eve to share some food, fun and gifts. This year...I was in charge of the cheese ball. Though it may not seem like a big deal...it kind of was to me. Cheese ball is one of my favorite holiday foods...and my Mom is normally the one who makes it. This year...when I asked for a food assignment...and she mentioned that I could bring the cheese ball...I was kind of excited!
{it makes me feel like a grown up to be the one to bring this important dish to the shen-dig!} On top of the assignment...she had mentioned that a few weeks earlier she had made one for my brother and his family...and turned it into a snowman...genius! {that's it...I was a lady on a mission to make something cute and delicious!}

Queue visual aid...

What you'll need:
an 8 ounce package Philadelphia Cream Cheese {I use 1/3 Less Fat}
8 ounces shredded Colby Jack Cheese
a few sprinkles of garlic powder
a few sprinkles of oregano
{I sometimes add BBQ rub or paprika...but opted out for this little guy}
2 strips cooked bacon {I used turkey bacon}
7 whole black peppercorns
2 small pretzels
1 small carrot

Mix the cream cheese, colby jack cheese, garlic powder and oregano together until you have an even mixture resembling a ball. {this will require you to do a little kneading with your hands} Now...it's time to shape your little snowman up and decorate him! First, make three balls descending in size for the body and the head. Then, use remaining cheese ball mixture to form a hat. Once you have your basic shape, cut your turkey bacon up into appropriate shapes and add to the snowman in the hat area and to create a scarf. Cut a few small thin strips to make a smile. Then add peppercorns for eyes and buttons. Lastly, add the carrot nose and pretzel arms. Serve with crackers.

Fun, festive and yummy! The only problem...it's so cute that people make not want to eat it! {it's true...my husband and I came home with 2/3 a snowman...and destroyed it! sorry Mr. Snowman...but way to fulfill your Christmas destiny!}

So...if you're looking for a fun treat for a cold winter party...try this little guy out! I'm sure that your friends and family will get a kick out of it! {thanks mom!}

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