Thursday, December 23, 2010

DIY: Reindeer Cookies!

Yesterday my friend Carolyn brought the cutest little treats to work...Reindeer Cookies!

I couldn't get over how adorable they were and seriously hesitated before taking one down {yes...they were so cute I almost hated to eat them}...but once I brought myself to sacrifice one to my sweet tooth...they were delicious! did Mrs. Gwatney pull off these super cute, sweet little reindeer treats...with skill, creativity and the list of ingredients below...

What you'll need:
Gingerbread Cookie Dough {tub or roll}
Chocolate Chips
Red M&M's
Small Pretzels

First, lay out your pretzels {aka antlers!} on a baking sheet and then add raw cookie dough overlapping them a little {so they'll bake together to form one piece}. Then add two chocolate chips for eyes and a red M&M for a nose. Bake according to your cookie dough instructions.

{quick tip: I normally cut the time in half...or at least take a few minutes off of premade cookie dough bake times. If you like your cookies super soft...try it out!}

You're done! Talk about awesome! This treat is fun, festive and sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!'s time to send a shout out to the lady who slaved in the kitchen to make these cute little cookies...way to keep it fresh, creative and fun in the kitchen! I think that you just might of made everyone's day with these happy little reindeer!

Hope that you try this cute recipe out! I know that I am!

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