Monday, March 21, 2011

A Ninja Riding a Unicorn Pinata!

I've gotten back on a sewing kick recently and have been making things for friends and for my new Etsy shop. I've made a few custom patterns and dabbled with a few ideas...but one of my absolute favorites has got to be a little ninja stuffed friend that I made for my friend Bethany!

I love ninjas! She loves ninjas! Okay...everybody loves ninjas...don't they?

{well...all I can say is...if it's wrong to love ninjas...then I don't want to be right!} I came home from work...checked my email...and saw that I had been tagged in a picture on Facebook. When I clicked it...I saw something epic!!

...A ninja riding a unicorn...piñata!! Yes...I'll say it again! A Ninja riding a unicorn piñata!

Seriously...check it out!

All I can say it that if that doesn't make you happy...then you're way too serious and need to lighten up! Thank you Bethany! You're awesome! You have combined three of my favorite things into something epic! {and given me the urge to make more ninja stuffed friends...and maybe unicorns...}

Happy Monday!! I hope that you all have an awesome week!

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