Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Magic of the Sweet Groundhog + WIWW!

It's been really cold lately {and I live in the South} so I know that if you're any further North than're feelin' it too.

So...when will it warm back up?

Enter...the Groundhog...aka Punxsutawney Phil! I know that it's not scientific...but I believe in the magic of the groundhog! Will we have
6 more weeks of Winter...or will Spring come early? This morning...Phil did not see his that means that he has chosen Spring! {nice one Phil...I agree}

Yes...there is a massive blizzard going on all over the U.S.

Yes...there were snow flurries blowing around downtown Memphis on my voyage into work this morning.

Yes...I'm a Spring and Fall kind of though it looks and feels like Winter is sticking with us for a bit longer...I choose the optimistic vision of the groundhog and am super stoked for an early Spring! {yay!}

What does this mean for you? Joy & Excitement! Dreams of putting away those heavy coats in exchange for a light jacket...thoughts of planting vegetables, herbs and flowers, firing up the Bar-B-Que grill and actually being able to feel your hands while you cook something delicious over an open short...awesomeness and bliss! {unless you're a Winter person and hate that apologies...enjoy the next few weeks and soak it all in!}

With that...I'm moving on to WIWW {what i wore wednesday}!'s cold in Memphis {to the tune of about 26°} I'm bundled up! {and trying to amp it up from my usual t-shirt & skirts today legs feel the need to hibernate at anything under 30°...}

outfit overview
houndstooth jacket {holidays}
purple sequin ribbon shirt {wal-mart}
black skinny jeans {alloy}
black suede boots {alloy}
white gold hoop earrings {a gift from my parents}
red winter coat keeping it cozy! {alloy}

winter + cozy boots that my jeans tuck into=warm toes!
Attempt at full outfit shot...
warm & toasty in my happy red coat
Well...that's it for now! Hope that you had an awesome day in general and that the magic of the groundhog brought you a smile or two!
Happy Wednesday!

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