Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY: WIWT...Tacky Christmas Outfit

So...I've taking a few days off from writing to you guys...{did you miss me?} excuses here...just a ton of stuff going on. {forgive me...?}

Now...where were we? Oh yes...Tacky Christmas Outfit! {aka what i wore tuesday} Queue visual...

...and yes...I wore this all day! To work...for our Tacky Christmas Party...and out for drinks with friends afterward. The greatest part about this outfit...jingle bells...everywhere! I sounded like a reindeer or cheerful little elf every time I moved all day long. {which I kind of loved...and I think people got a kick out of} It did slightly put a damper on my ninja could totally hear me coming down the hallway...but it's okay to take a day off every now and then. did I put this tacky outfit together? Easy. Using items I already had and adding several awesomely tacky items purchased at the local Dollar Tree. Check out an outfit overview below and a few tips on creating your own tacky look!

outfit overview
cream sweater {already had...from wal-mart a few years ago}
temporary tacky sweater {see below on how to make your own!}
red polk-a-dot dress {already had...modcloth}
lace tights {already had...wal-mart}
festive santa socks {target}
jingle bell shoes {check out monday's blog for details}
decked out reindeer antlers {see below on how to make your own!}
scotty dog earrings {old school...from my elementary school days}
jingle bell bracelet {see below on how to make your own!}

Temporary Tacky Sweater!
What you'll need:
cable knit sweater {any color you like...I used a cable knit vest}
several flat ornaments {dollar tree had a wide selection...4 for $1}
jingle bells {dollar tree had large bells for 9 for $1}

The best thing about this project is that it's temporary! First, figure out a fun configuration for your swag. {it's always good to mix jingle bells with ornaments} Next, loop ribbon through ornament holes or jingle bell holes. Carefully loop ribbon through small openings or holes in knit sweater. Tie, double knot and finish each off with a bow. Continue adding things until you're satisfied with your design. {if you make a mistake...or are ready to use your sweater for non-tacky purposes, just untie the ribbon and remove your embellishments} Finish off the look by adding garland. {if you're using a cardigan or sweater that opens toward the middle, that's a great place for some sparkle!} You're done!

If you're on a can probably knock this project out in about half an hour...or if you are going intricate, it might take you a little longer. Either way...I'm sure you're sweater will be a hit with your friends!

Decked Out Reindeer Antlers
What you'll need:
1 headband with felt reindeer antlers
1 headband with fabric christmas characters
jingle bells

First, take both headbands and attach them together by wrapping the base of headband with garland. {this will make them sturdy...I did not do this at first...but learned my lesson quickly} Next, decorate the antlers with jingle bells and ornaments. Attach them with ribbon. Feel free to use your creative vibe and have fun. {caution though...if you add too much swag, the weight will make the antlers tip avoid this, add a few things and then test them out!} You're done...and wasn't that easy!

Jingle Bell Bracelet
What you'll need:
jingle bells

This project is so simple! Loop ribbon through holes in jingle bells. Tie a double knot after adding each bell to secure placement. When you've added the desired amount of bells, tie ends of ribbon together, double knot and finish with a bow. Festive, fun and only takes about five minutes!

I hope that these little DIY tips and tricks for an awesomely tacky outfit for your next Tacky Christmas Party help you out and give you some ideas. Put your own spin on it, have fun and own the tackiness! I think we all have a funky side and parties with a theme can definitely bring that out of us! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Found you via a Google search. This was the perfect post. Great tips & ideas. Thanks so much for being my inspiration! ;) *fingers crossed* that I win the $100 tacky outfit prize at the party I am going to.